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Hello friends, welcome to racy sanitary ware, an India based manufacturer, distributor.importer, exporter and dealers of sanitary ware. We are leading manufacturer of sanitary ware in Gujarat.

Throughout online portal, you can find many information regarding sanitary ware products. Our widely purchased are

1) Wall hung toilet

2) Wall hung basin

3) Urinal and sink

4) Table top basin

5) Table top and wall hung basin combi

Now discuss some more information about all these products.

1) Wall hung toilet


We are sanitary ware manufacturer provide you wall hung toilet in the price of your convenience. wall hung toilet is easy to clean and wash as compared to other toilet. These are a reason behind the name of this toilet is that, it is hanging through the wall and hence wall hung toilet.

This kind of toilet has a clean, space-saving design feature. These kind of toilet are perfect product for one who is looking to keep a clean bathroom while saning precious space. It can save up to 12 inches of convert bathroom space over floor-mounted toilets.

We have different wall hung toilets with its specific name and some of are


  • Claret
  • Fluency
  • Natura
  • Willing

2) Wall hung basin


We are sanitary ware distributor provide you wall hung basin in the cheap price. The especially of this products is that is can fix directory onto the wall with brackets, creating a spacious and minimalist space. Similar to wall hung toilet, it is easy to wash and clean and it occupies less space as compared to other wash basin.

Different types of wall hung basin with its name:

  • Vega
  • Gabian
  • Roach brawny
  • Cute
  • Canded

3) Urinal and sink


We are sanitary ware dealers provide you best deal on urinals and sink. Now a day’s urinals and sinks are highly demanded product in places   like shops and malls. We are sanitary ware manufacturers of India. Apart from that we provide you optical urinal with automatic flushing system, which automatically flushes out everything after serving urinals.

we provide you different kinds of urinals like:

  • Baby urinals
  • Lab-sink 24*18
  • Partition urinals
  • Flat back
  • Large
  • Gracia urinal
  • Orial

4) Table top basin


We are racy sanitary ware; leading exporter of sanitary ware provides you table top basins in wide ranges of names like

  • Buffer
  • Mozio
  • Antica
  • Cavan
  • Fusion   And many more

5) Table top and wall hung basin combi

Small Bathroom Sinks Wall Mount  table top propane fire pit wall mount display cabinet  -
Small Bathroom Sinks Wall Mount  table top propane fire pit wall mount display cabinet –

It is a combination of table top and wall hung basin. The other related products of these types are RAPTURE, GLASSIA, RAYON, DINKY, NUBIAN, and GAIN.

If you have desire to buy a sanitary ware products through our web portal, please visit /products. Please leave a comment in order to find enhancements in our products.

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Sanitary ware

A leading company offering an exquisite range of sanitary ware, wash basins, pedestal wash basins, wall hung wash basins, wall hung urinals, etc.

A luxurious bathroom adds to the overall charm of an apartment. A well furnished bathroom has become an absolute necessity for those who demand cleanliness and hygiene. Racy sanitaryware has emerged as a leading name in the discipline of sanitary ware. We are a prominent manufacturer,importer, exporter and supplier of a varied range of sanitary ware, wash basins, pedestal wash basins, wall hung, flat black wall urinal, etc.

Available in a range of different colours, our products have made an indelible impact on the minds of many overseas customers. Their quality, finish, strength, design, etc. have enamored our clients in a big way, and this is proved by our rising sales volume. The entire lot of our products is exported to india and many other overseas regions.

Our strength lies in providing superior quality products at competitive prices. Timely and safe delivery of the products further enhances our reputation as a trusted and honest concern, for customer satisfaction remains our top most priority. Innovation of the products is consistently done here, and we always look forward to ourcustomers’ valuable suggestions in this regard.

 Product Range:

 Racy sanitary ware is a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the following range of products:


Wash Basin

Pedestal Wash Basin (Orchid Set)

Wall Hung

Flat Black Wall Urinal

Squatting Urinal

Capry Wash Basin Set

Taiwan Wash Basin

Repose Wash Basin Set.



Sanitary Ware Dealers

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  1. Welcome ToRacy sanitary ware:
  2. Bathroom Sanitary ware: A bathroom is a room that requires creative inputs and thorough notice. It is a room that requires careful attention from regular sanitation to an aesthetic point of view. Therefore a bathroom goes past just a room for bathing, but a personal room that need attention.
  3. A wonder ful sanitary ware that is functional give a person a lovely experience and helps one start his or her day and end it in a pleasurable way. A bathroom can be style as traditional, classic, whimsical or incredible depending on the theme that best fits it.
  4. Bathroom AccessoriesØUrinalsØWash BasinsWaØter ClosetsØ

Type ofBathroom Sanitary ware.

  1. Water Closets Basically there are two types of closets, squat closet and European style closet. There are advantages and disadvantages of using both of them. People have the rown preferences while selecting awater closet. Some prefer ceramic Indian water closet whereas, some prefer European style water closet.
  1. Wash Basins There is a wide variety ofceramic washbasinsavailable in the market of different signs like handcrafted wash basins,sticker wash basins and rustic wash basins.
  2. Urinals If you are designingwash rooms in a shopping mall, then you may requirebuying urinals for gents’ bathroom asthey occupy less space and canaccommodate several people at the sametime. A wide range of ceramic urinals ofdifferent designs are provided by sanitaryware manufacturers in India and you canselect amongst them as per your requirements and preferences.
  3. Where to Find the Best Bathroom Sanitary ware?To buy Bathroom sanitaryware at affordable price andbest quality please