Wash Basin Manufacturer


In this model you will get washbasin. There will be no pedestal. Washbasin will be fixed in wall by using bolt. Normally this kind of wash basin will be small in size because high weight washbasin may not hang in the wall by the bolt for long time. So these model washbasin are all always in small size and less in weight.Washbasin with full base will be supported by Floor and the washbasin will be fixed in wall.Wash basins with Half pedestal will be fixed in the wall by rack bolt hole with screw.


A Type of wash basin you will find in many hotel bathrooms. All wadh basin are same like wall hung wash basin. Due the design it is called as corner washbasin. It can be fixed only in the corner of room. The main benefit of this wash basins is it saves you lot of space in the room.

From the name itself you must have found out what is table top or cupboard washbasin. This kind of washbasins will not have a rack bolt hole. The washbasin will have a flat counter in the bottom so that it will be kept in a flat surface like table or shelf. This wash basin can be available in many sizes from 400 mm to 1000mm.


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