Sanitary Ware Manufacturer


Racy is a manufacture of sanitary wares, bathroom ware ,brass ware and ceramic tiles and well-known brand in sanitary ware .
Today we are the well-known manufacturer of sanitary ware products in India. The professional designer design the products of
individuation with the modern features avail as of water-saving and environmental friendliness. The offered sanitary wares are not only elegance in looks but it also give you the nobleness feeling . At racy sanitary wares we also report with our clients who remains satisfied with us due to our high quality products. We present the stylish and high technology sanitation products design which are designed with comfort and healthy living concept to meet with the modern living standards.

The sanitary ware are design with introduce that are made to meet the need of modern days homes which have stylish interiors and give the required posh plumbings, fittings and sanitary ware too. At Racy we offer durable and
yet affordable ceramic sanitary ware products to meet the high end¬†of sanitation and needs at various residential ‘s and commercial type places.We offer a different range of the sanitary ware products like the wash basins, water closets, squatting pan, urinals and ceramic sanitary wares these products satisfy’s the diverse needs of our clients.there are latest contemporary wash basins that are equipped with the pedestals, classy variety ranging from rustic series wash basins and squatting pans, the most popular and elegant models of printed series and vitreous series wash basins and squatting pans that we proudly provide to our customers so that they can access the best for what that they have With racy Sanitary, you are guaranteed to the best quality sanitary ware products which will give you the satisfaction of quality along with the most important thing, cost effectiveness.

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